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CJ's Page

CJ off-duty in Hawaii

Charles *(Old German) "manly, strong"

CJ graduated from high school in May, 2005. He signed up for the Delayed Entry Program with the US Army during his last semester and will go to bootcamp in July.

CJ May 05 CJ Nov 05
Fox Company

UPDATE: CJ was deployed to Iraq in August 2006 after training in Japan and California. He will be spending Christmas there. We miss him terribly, and worry about him alot. I made a special Christmas Greeting for him and sent copies to him via snail-mail. View the pages here...and please sign the guestbook before you leave! (a new window will open...just close the window to return)

UPDATE: He's in the Army now! On Veteran's Day, November 9, 2005, CJ graduated from bootcamp at Fort Benning in Georgia. Mom, Dad, and brother Mike were there to witness the graduation. It was a proud day for all of us.


CJ will spend a few weeks at home before reporting for duty in Hawaii. He'll spend a few months in Hawaii for more training. Deployment is a definite possibility.

UPDATE: CJ has received his orders. Deployment date - 08 August 2006. Pray with me.

Some of CJ's Favorite things

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Favorite Websites: GameSages
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Favorite Food & Drink: KFC & Cherry Coke

Favorite Vacation: The trip to Minnesota (Mall of America). I liked staying at the Radisson Hotel.

My son was a mystery to me until I read some of his poetry.

Poetry by CJ
The Feeling of Hate

Hate is flaming red
It sounds like screeching voices close to the ear
It feels like a huge explosion from the inside- out
It smells like decaying flesh
It tastes like polluted air


I am like the morning breeze,
  brushing against the back of your neck
    lightly and without hesitation.
I am like the rain water that flows over you
  during an afternoon shower.
And I am like the evening full moon,
  always keeping a bright face to you,
    and never showing you my dark side.

April 2004

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