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Mike's Page

Michael - *(Hebrew)"who is like the lord?"

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food & Drink: Cheeseburger & Mountain Dew

Favorite Vacation: When we went to Minnesota (Mall of America), because I went swimming as much as I wanted.

Favorite Family Activity: When CJ, Dad and I go to the movies, because we watch really cool movies.

Favorite at-home Past-time: Creating and playing computer RPG games.

When I grow up I want to: get lots of money. :o)


New! Samurai Mike

This drawing is for viewing ONLY. Please do not copy.

Mike's Computer Art

Click on image to see full size image. A new window will open. DO NOT copy my art! Thanks

The computer graphics above were created in 1999-2002. Mike has since won awards for his artwork and one of his drawings is currently on display at the school administration building. I am working on getting photos of some of his work to display on these pages.

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