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This page is for my younger sister and her family. My sister and I are very close. She married very young and gave up her dream of being a nurse when her son was born almost 24 years ago. Then she divorced. She also has a twelve year old daughter from a later relationship that didn't work out. She raised both of her children alone. After her son was grown and working outside of the home, my sister decided it was time to go back to school and get her nursing degree. She went to nursing school full time while also working full time to support herself and her daughter. It was really hard on her and I was very glad when the two years were up and she graduated. Then she announced that she was going to go on and get her RN degree. She was afraid she would not go back if she took a break. I admire her very much for the determination she showed.

Even when times have been hard for her, she has been there for me every single time I needed her. I love her very much and I'm very proud of her. This is a poem I wrote for her when she went back to school after eighteen years and graduated from nursing school.

On Graduation Day

The road was long and hard,
obstacles all the way.
The journey such a task,
testing your will to stay.
As I watched from afar
my hands poised to catch you
I marvelled at your determination,
You may have stumbled but never fell.
You dug in your heels..
did what had to be done
Never going to sleep until
long after the sun.
I told all my family
and all my friends, too
How hard you were working
and they're amazed too.
Now, at the end of your journey
with the labor behind you
At the beginning of a freedom
gained by sweat and tears
I tell you, little sister
as I should have long ago
I am so proud of the woman
you have become
I am so proud of the work
you've done and will do
Most of all I tell you now
to last forevermore...
I love you. I'm proud of you

Update October 2002: Sis is a Grandma! Baby T was born October 10th to Son and DIL. He is healthy and beautiful. See the family photos for a glimpse: Click on Me & My Sis

Update December 2003: Sis is getting married! After 20+ years on her own, she has met the man of her dreams. They will become man and wife on Valentine's day 2004. Congratulations!!

Udate August 2004: Well, the wedding date was changed to April 3, 2004 and the wedding was wonderful. Bride and Groom are doing well.

"Grandma" Sis :o)

this is my beautiful niece *J*

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