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Some of my Favorite Links

The ULTIMATE site on the internet
James S. Huggins' "Refrigerator Door"
My first exposure to Mr. Huggins' site was a visit to his James S. Huggins' Multiple Sclerosis Pages . I found them to be very interesting and informative. I wrote to him and told him how much I enjoyed his website and HE WROTE BACK! That prompted me to visit his site again, and again, and again. I signed up for his e-zine, "Snippets", and I visit him often. I also drop a line occasionally. And he always writes back.
Visit this site!

Fun & Games

Spiderweb Software, Inc.
I am addicted to the Geneforge Series. Yes I am a grown adult. Yes I do play video games. I love it.

Website Help

Joe Barta's Page Tutor

html instructions in easy, no-nonsense language

Webbnutt Designs
My Graphics website: free linkware sets and other graphics

Smiley Land Smiles!

Robin's Web

Silver Mermaid

FREE Fonts!

Divide by Zero

Check out the "Tombats". Very cute fonts!
Like my "shroom"? There are more Tombat gifs at Webbnutt Designs

Blue Vinyl
Panda icon was created with "Pandamonium" font found on this site.

This site has a bazillion fonts!


Fonts 101

**Disclaimer: To the best of my knowlege, all the links on this page lead to family friendly, safe sites. All sites with downloads available have been clean and virus-free every time I have used them. Please monitor your children on the computer.**

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Last update: January 2010