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My Poetry 5

Spirit of the Night

The stars glitter, candles in the dark--
complex illusion, simplicity stark,
seeming so near, existing so far--
the stars seem somehow more than they are.
It is there that she walks, quiet, serene--
challenging the night to outshine her.
Her beauty astounds, inner and out,
with generous heart, kindly yet stout.
Her eyes sparkle and shine, black as night--
dancing and reflecting the light.
Her smile buoys the saddest of hearts
given easily, sincerely, there is no doubt.
With a gentle touch she will comfort the soul
regardless of station or caste.
There she walks under the stars
not questioning nor considering their start.
There she walks, a spirit, a lark,
accepting that stars are...just stars.

The Wind

I am the wind, changeable and abrupt,
Blowing wild and cold one minute,
Drifting calm and warm the next.
I will rage and storm so dark,
Then caress your body with a kiss.
I will comfort you with an embrace,
And send shivers up your spine.
I am the wind, independent and strong,
Let me carry you away.
I am the wind elusive and free,
Catch me if you can.

RFW (for Dad)

There are so many things
to talk of each day
Yet we travel through life
with nothing to say.
We pack little items
away in our minds
until finally one day,
they're impossible to find.
Then the day comes
when we sit face to face,
but there's nothing between us
except empty space.

(I love you, too)

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