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My Poetry 7

Saturday Nite

Saturday nite again,
Smoke, music, laughter...
Gonna have a beer
And pretend I'm not alone.

Can they tell
As I dance and sing
That I go home at two
And cry in the dark?

Saturday nite again
Damn it I'm tired
Of playing this same ol' game
That I never win.

Makin' everybody else smile
Putting on my Saturday nite face
Dancin' my Saturday nite dance...
And going home alone.


Sometimes I wonder,
sometimes I wander
into the deep recesses
of the darkness
that is my life.

Sometimes I wonder
why does it matter?
Sometimes as I wander
I wish I could disappear
into the darkness that is my mind.

Sometimes I wander
the night streets alone,
never afraid of its secrets.
What can hurt me more
than the darkness
that is my heart?

Empty Nest

I close my eyes
  and dream sweet dreams
    some true, some fantasy.

Seashores and gentle breezes,
  trees dancing in the wind
    to music only we can hear.

Friends and family gathered near
  laughing and loving--
    no cares, no fears.

I dream of happy and carefree days
  of warm and love-filled nights
    I dream the dreams of children
    safe and secure and so sure
    they will live forever.

I close my eyes
  and dream sweet dreams
    some true, some fantasy.

And then I wake
  real life steps in
    and my heart is broken


intimate strangers
living in a house

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