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These squares were either sent to me or collected from various sites on the internet that offered them. Squares are linked either to the person who donated the square or to an organization that is connected with the cause. If a square is linked to an organization, you may save that square and link it to the organization it is connected with. If the square is linked to another private site, please visit the site to pick up your square. And please do not link directly to the images. Thanks.

If you would like to donate a square email me.

The square must be 130 x 130.

Polly's Square Freedom Of Religion Love Shouldn't Hurt Say NO to Domestic Violence
Still Missing Stop Domestic Violence Donate Time National Association of Breast Cancer
Childhood Cancer Awareness Support the Humane Society The Garden Of Hope Stop the Hate
Read to Your Children Reading Is Fundamental Random Acts Of Kindness-Five Minutes A Day Multiple Sclerosis Facts
RAOK Making A Difference In Memory of Ida Jean-Learn Self Exam! Fight Breast Cancer In Memory of Mom-National Multiple Sclerosis Society Dee-Pink Ladies
SIDS-Read about Leara

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Last update: July 28, 2006