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* Friendship Quilt *

These squares were either sent to me or collected from various sites on the internet that offered them. All squares are linked to their home site. If you like these squares, please click on the square to visit the owner's website. Do not take the squares directly from this site. And please do not link directly to the images. Thanks.

If you would like to donate a square email me.

Please note: During my last link check, I found several links no longer active. If you would like your square linked, please email me. :o)

The square must be 130 x 130.

Island Princess Chilady Janny Rae Grama Mimi
AndreaB The Diet Lady Kitty Kapers Yummie
Aphrodite DPantherWoman JannyRae Polly
Aphrodite-unicorn Flutterby Island Princess Kirsten
Panther Lesa Stefanie Lesa
NovemberChild Visit Butterfly Island Island Princess GrammyJ

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Last update: July 29, 2006