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I collected these squares from members of the Garden Of Friendship. I know some of my *friends* quite well, but others I have yet to meet. That is the true beauty of the Garden Of Friendship. Visit my GOF Dedication Page to learn more. Please do not save these squares. If see a square you like, click on it and visit the owner's website.
If *You* are a GOF friend and would like to contribute a square, email me. Please put "Quilt Square" in the subject box, and don't forget to include your website address so I can link your square. :o)

Breeze Cowabash Breeze MysticTiger
JanDee Breeze JulieAnn Pattie
GrammyJ Amber Sugie Barbiel
Aurora Harmony GrammyJ MaidenFair
Susanne Ashley Lady Athene Stargazer
Marre Sue W CTherese Deanna

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