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* My Squares for You *

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These squares were all made by me.

New for 2006

Army Mom Support Our Troops American Navy Mom
Libra 1 IR Square Libra 2 Floral

New for 2003

Dolphin Sq My Heart 1 My Heart 2 Tigercub

In Memory Of Mom In Memory of Ida Jean September's Child 70's Child

* * My Squares for RAOK & M.A.D. Members * *

Remember MAD Iowa MAD Halloween
Friends RAOK Friends Making A Difference MAD Thanksgiving
Square 001 Musician Girlfriends Dog

* * My Squares for Garden Of Friendship Members * *

GOF Friends GOF waterfall GOF Michele S
GOF 7 GOF Halloween 2003 GOF twobie

* * New GOF Squares for 2006 * *

GOF1 2006 GOF2 2006 GOF3 2006
GOF4 2006 GOF5 2006 GOF 6th Bday

The lovely ladies of GOF sent me this square.
GOF Iowa

* * My squares for your World Quilt * *
Iowa-America's Heartland USA-United We Stand

* * My Webbnutt Square * *
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New tiger cub square was created using a tube from Tube Territory
All other graphics were created with copyright-free images and/or my own creations.

Background by Webbnutt Designs

Last update: July 29, 2006