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Random Thoughts Index

This is the section where I will gather a collection of my random thoughts--just stuff I think about and the way I see things. If you would like to voice your opinion, feel free to contact me. All relevant and polite contacts will be answered. I have plans to write more about domestic abuse, animal cruelty, freedom of religion, and interracial relationships. Stay tuned!

The Child in the Corner: Domestic violence. A personal statement.

Finding Serenity: Teen-age angst and growing up.

Awaiting Spring: Another fiction exercise.

Love & Marriage: Some of my thoughts on the 'institution' of marriage.

Raising Kids: Such a responsibility. Such a chore. Such a gift. My thoughts on raising kids.

Stop the Violence: More on domestic violence. This time from my personal experience.

Drunk Drivers: Have you lost a loved one to a drunk driver? I have.

Things I Would Tell My Children: If I thought they would listen. This is a somewhat dated commentary (written in 2002), but most of it is still true. My kids read this and we had several very interesting conversations. I guess they were listening.

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