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Child in the Corner

From the Child in the Corner
I love you Mommy ~ Why is Daddy hurting you? ~ Why don't we ever see Grammy and Gramps anymore? ~ Why did Daddy get mad when we went to lunch with Auntie Sue? ~ Why does Daddy always call you fat and ugly? ~ I think you're beautiful ~ Don't cry Mommy ~ I love you ~ My teacher asked me about the bruise on my arm. I told her I fell, just like Daddy said. Was that okay, Mommy? ~ It took a long time for you to wake up this time Mommy ~ I'm scared, Mommy.

From the Woman Who Was the Child
I love you, Mommy ~ I know it wasn't your fault ~ You always thought you were alone and nobody could help, but you were wrong. There are alot of people willing to help ~ You should have told Grammy or Aunt Sue ~ They loved you too ~ You were so beautiful, Mommy ~ Daddy was sick, but you couldn't help him by staying ~ I love you, Mommy ~ I miss you

Sound familiar? Get help now! Before your child becomes the child in the corner.

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