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My Poetry 2


Searching for the harmony
sung about in songs,
for serenity
with peace of mind,
someone to love,
to share life's joys.
Things in life that money can't buy.
Love, hope, wisdom,
Courage, strength, and faith.

The Road is Shorter With Friends

My friends were with me in my hour of need,
when life pulled the rug from under my feet.
They walked at my side holding my hand,
patted my back, helped me to stand.

My friends were with me when I took my vows--
laughed with me, hugged me, whirled me around.
They welcomed my husband, made him a friend,
promised to love him--with me--till the end.

My friends were with me when my babies were born,
awed by the sight of them, loving and warm.
They revelled merrily in celebration
and worried with me when temps elevated.

All my life my friends have walked with me
down the long road of life through prosperity and grief.
Our ages may indicate an absurd sum of miles,
but it seemed such a short road with plenty of smiles.


Cook me some pasta, add sauce and cheese,
throw in ground beef and oregano please.
Serve it with salad, heap on bacon and cheddar,
bake a potato ( the more butter the better!)
Whip me a milkshake--thick or thin doesn't matter,
but throw some chocolate in that cake batter.
Add nuts--any kind and I'll be content
as I inhale the aroma--and voice my lament!
Saw the doctor today--he says I'm obese,
I'm prime candidate for heart disease!
No more sugar, no more salt,
no more chocolate, not even a malt!
Watch my calories, read the labels,
lose forty pounds--stay away from the table!
Bye-bye my favorites...I will miss you,
but if I want to live, this is what I must do.

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