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My Poetry 4

Sunset and Roses

Sunsets and roses,
Campfires and s'poses,
Long, windy chats,
Soft purring cats,
Laughs and cries,
Giggles and sighs,
Life's simple pleasures,
That no one can measure.

A Book

A book I saw, a book I took
a book I read clear through.
It took me places never seen
fantastic and surreal.
A book I read, a book I took
to my friend to share.
This friend, she looked a puzzled look
said, "what's got into you?
If I want mystery, romance, intrigue
I'll sit, watch cable and MTV."
So here I sit, my beloved book
lays lonely on the shelf,
and a tear wells up
my heart full of sorrow,
for all the children of the world
who will never love
a book.

He's Gone

Yesterday he spoke to me
he was there
and I could see him.
Yesterday I could feel his presence
he touched my hand
I could see him.
Today I know he is there
I can feel his presence
yet I can't see him.
Today I hear his voice
I can feel his touch
but I can't see him.
Tomorrow he won't be there.

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