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My Poetry 3

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight can happen.
The cold caress on her face,
The dull thud in her gut,
The rubbery quiver in her legs.
He walked in the door so casually.
His smile genuine and kind,
His laugh infectious and ready,
His aura warm and inviting.
Her soul reached for his.
Love at first sight can happen.
It has.
It did.
It lives on.

Black Satin

Black satin floated, caressing.
As I lay, I realized the heaviness--
of despair, the agony of need.
My thirst was for touching,
I was hungry for one soft word.
Instead, I drank salty tears--
and feasted on self-pity.
But the black satin floats on--
days slide by, time is wasted.
I go on in my weary life--
alone beneath black satin.

crs (my beloved husband)

You hold me as you'd hold a rose
gentle not to crush.
You kiss me oh, so tenderly
careful not to rush.
You always show such loving care
in all the things you do.
From holding our sleepy baby girl to
the way you help me through.
I always feel that you would give
anything to me,
The word, I think, is generous,
the way you fill my needs.
If I ever had to choose
between wealth and loving you
I'd be money poor and happily
rich in love with you.

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