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A Happier Note

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Love & Romance

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Something from The Attic

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More Dust from The Attic

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Poetry I didn't throw away

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Bar Napkin Art

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Poetry by Charles, Jr.

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Poetry by Carrie

My Poetry 6

(a poetry workshop exercise)

Write me a poem
with rhythm and rhyme
find just the right words
subtle? sublime?

Write me a poem
what style will I use?
not sonnet, not haiku
maybe riddle or ruse

Write me a poem
with breaks and rows
that creates empathy
emotion and flow

Write me a poem
my dear mentor says
with imagery, similes
inspire me, I pray!

Write me a poem
that comes from the soul
emotions, devotions
compassion, woes

(a poetry workshop exercise)

In a quiet corner
curled on the sofa I sit
in my own world
as the words flow
on their own accord
sometimes for minutes
usually for hours
the poem reaches out
in its own way
freeing my spirit
the time it devours
later I rouse from my stupor
poem complete
a new day has begun
I read the poem
for the first time
as if written by another
If I like it I keep it
maybe changing
a line or a word
but if I have doubts
about rhythm or flow
it's into the file in the dark
under the bed with the dust
will it grow larger with time
or fade away

My House
subtitle: Woes of a stressed-out Mom

My house is a mess
No maids around here!
Shoes are where you dropped them
Unless the dog was near!
The dishes haven't washed themselves
they're still a crusty mess
I don't answer the phone these days
can't find it in six rings or less!
The table is still cluttered with mail and school supplies
that I collected last September
they will be there in July
Every chair is covered with coats and other junk
On the sofa lays a blanket and two pillows from my nap
I had to sleep there of course
my bed disappeared
the cat sleeps on a mound of clothes
I think it's under there!
I haven't seen my kids for days
hidden behind their bedroom doors
But my daughter left her cd player on,
and there are towels on the bathroom floor!
My husband was here for a while I think,
his socks are near the door,
his keys are on the counter and
I spilled his half-full beer!
I'll probably have to move on soon
find a new house neat and clean
no kids, no man, no pets--
only quiet peaceful days.
And I'll have a cup of tea
in my shiny kitchenette!
No one to chase after with the mop and broom
no monster dusty bunny chasing the dog from room to room!
I suppose I'll get lonely
in a house all by myself
no one to yell at, no excuses or alibis--
but I guess I'll just get over it
I'll try my best I think!!

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